Dear Parents and Guardians:

The end of a school year is a bittersweet time for everyone involved in education; it is both a time for celebration as well as reflection.  Seniors will be graduating and for the first time in their life be facing the reality of making choices that will impact their careers and goals.  On the other end of the spectrum, in the Early Learning Childhood realm, our youngsters in Kindergarten will be starry eyed as they receive their diploma of success that will have them begin next year in First Grade.  Students of all ages, in all grade levels, are learning and finding success in a variety of core content area subjects that continue to be the building blocks of academia as they continue to strengthen their foundational platform of knowledge. 

While students enjoy having the school year attain closure, it signals the time for all teachers and administrators to be ready to delineate the massive amounts of student data that is gathered and disseminated over the next summer months. It is our responsibility to analyze what we teach, and how we teach it, that we will ensure your student receives a quality education when they return to school next year. 

Summer vacation time offers to the family an opportunity to regroup as a family structure in sharing quality time together and it enables learning to continue by doing activities such as reading books, doing puzzles, and playing games.  Embrace these summer months with your child; far too quickly they become seniors and graduate!


Have a great summer! 

Jim Zack

Superintendent of Schools 



Interscholastic Athletic Disclosure