Dear Parents and Guardians:

      The mid-year point of the school year is a time that pauses us to reflect and look back on the individual student gains, as well as project ahead to the next school year to meet the educational needs of every student. This evaluative process of data dissemination is critical for determining that every student is evidencing a year of growth in academia curricula and on track to move to the next grade.

       The educators of the early childhood grade levels and the teachers and staff of the intermediate grades encourage parents to contact them with concerns or questions in regards to their child’s progress and are able to offer a plethora of suggestions in becoming more involved with your students studies and education in the home environment.

       For parents of students in the middle school and/or high school, it also is a critical time to provide insight and advice in determining the courses that your child should register and take in the next school year to ensure they are on target for graduation and/or postgraduate education and/or a career.

       The winter and early spring season offer excellent opportunities for parents/guardians and their children to spend quality time together reading in the home to continue to solidify the educational foundation of learning to be life long.


Jim Zack

Superintendent of Schools 



Interscholastic Athletic Disclosure