Class Dojo

Welcome to our Class Dojo!

  • To get connected to our Class Dojo page, please click the following link and follow the steps below:





    1. You will want to sign up as a PARENT!!


    2. Input your first and last name, email, and choose a password.

    3. Class Dojo will ask you to input the School Code...enter the 7 digit code on the paper that was sent home. If you need another copy, let me know!


    Students can also sign up to check their points at any time! They will sign up as a student and will enter the bottom code on the paper sent home. We will be setting up student accounts in school. 



    Don't forget to check out our "Class Story" throughout the school year to see what we're doing in class!! Pictures of students will only be seen by other parents in the class and will not be shared with anyone not directly involved with our class.




    Happy Dojo-ing!