Life Skills

Functional Life Skills

  • We will be focusing on Functional Life Skills in the classroom to promote independence. The curriculum we will be using is "Life Skills Activities for Special Children" by Darlene Mannix. We will be covering as much material as possible during the year. Units 3-5 will be covered during math and language arts. 


    Life skills activities


    Unit 1: Relating Basic Information (names, address, phone numbers, birthday, family, etc.)

    Unit 2: Telephone Skills (dialing, calling 911, leaving a message, taking a message, etc.)

    Unit 3: Money Skills (coins/bills, saving money, spending money, estimating, etc.)

    Unit 4: Time Skills (calendars, using a clock, seasons, sequencing, planning ahead, etc.)

    Unit 5: Basic Reading and Writing Skills

    Unit 6: Clothing and Dressing (dressing appropriately, taking care of clothing, laundry, etc.)

    Unit 7: Keeping Yourself Clean (hygiene, makeup, when you're sick, etc.)

    Unit 8: Keeping Your Room Clean (organizing, dusting, vacuuming, etc.)

    Unit 9: Food and Eating Skills (table manners, setting a table, cooking, etc.)

    Unit 10: Healthy Lifestyles (hobbies, exercise, safety, etc.)

    Unit 11: Community Places and People 

    Unit 12: Helpful Info (safety signs, schedules, etc.)

    Unit 13: Citizenship (manners, responsibilities)

    Unit 14 & 15: Working with People / Social Life