• Name: Mrs. Spudes
    Grade: Reading Specialist 1st grade
    Email: kspudes@indians.k12.pa.us
    Phone: 570-648-4944
    Hi! I am the reading specialist for first grade at the Annex. My student list is based on the Acadience testing scores. (Dibels testing has a new name) Some of the things we test in the fall include the names and sounds of alphabet letters. My groups often change following our testing in January. Students enjoy being in my group and get extra help in their areas of need. Some of the lessons are in conjunction with the classroom lessons to give these students extra practice. Some of the lessons are additional practice on material that was previously covered that students have not mastered.
    I will send home a one page folded book to practice reading at home most weeks. Please keep this book and have students read it to you several times a week until they read it fluently. Doing this will help your child read better in school. Each student will have a paper to keep in their folder to help with the sounds that the letters make.
    I will also be sending home another book for you to read with your child. Allow them to read the words that they can and help them with the rest. They will be able to say more words as you reread it. When you have read the book several times, then continue reading other books that you have for a total of 15 minutes. Please initial and date the reading log with it. I will send the folder home early in the week and ask that they return it on a Thursday so I can change the books. Thank you in advance for your cooperation with this program.
     I may put a word ring in your child's folder for you to practice reading sight words each night, too. It is very important that you practice memory words with your student. One fun way is to use a board game and let them move as many spaces as there are letters in the word they read correctly. These memory words will appear very often in stories so it is easier for students to read fluently once they memorize them. A list is sent home at the beginning of the year.
    Please email or call me if you have any questions. Thank you,
    Mrs. Kathleen Spudes