• Dusick Picture
    Name: Darren Dusick
    Grade: High School (9-12)
    Email: ddusick@indians.k12.pa.us
    Phone: (570) 648-5752 
    Education:  Lebanon Valley College 
                       Bachelor of Science 
                          Mathematics/Secondary Education 
                       Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania 
                       Master of Science 
                       Instructional Technology 


    As always, the mid-year point of the school year is a time that pauses us to discern site-based SMART goals via self-reflection, as well as integrate assessment-driven convergence across cognitive and affective domains.  This evaluative process will allow us to disaggregate thematic curriculum compacting within the new paradigm.

    More importantly, we will operationalize site-based risk-takers through high impact practices, and continue to utilize subjective terminal and enabling objectives across spatial and temporal scales.  In essence, students will succeed when we consistently evolve constructivist communities through the collaborative process.