• Justin Hollenberg
    General Information
    Name: Justin Hollenberg
    Quest: I seek to make lifelong learners through music
    Favorite Color: Green
    Air velocity of an unladen swallow: African or European??
    Education: Lebanon Valley College Class of '13
         Double majored in Music Education and Composition
         B.S. in Music Education & B.A. in Music 
         Certificate in Modern Band Pedagogy
         ES: Elementary Strings
         MS: Middle School Strings
         HS: Symphony Orchestra, Garage Band, Music Production
    Activities: Modern Music Club, 7-12 Concert Orchestra

    Student Handbooks/Syllabi

    2020-2021 Symphony Orchestra Handbook (1st period)

    2020-2021 Modern Strings/Music Tech Handbook (2nd period)

    2019-2020 Concert Orchestra Handbook (club)

    Email: jhollenberg@indians.k12.pa.us
    Work Phone: (570)648-5731 x3424
    Work-From-Home Phone: (570)884-4024
         HS Orchestra: @sahorchest
         MS Orchestra/Concert Orchestra: @samorch
         ES Orchestra: @saestrings
         Modern Strings/Music Technology: @music-tech