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    We will use this web page for links, sharing of documents, disbursement of information, Webquests, or other online items.
     Course Syllabus Syllabussyllabus

    Week #1: February 29 - March 4, 2016
    Keynote Presentation on Mrs. Dowd's Rules and Course Expectations
    • Setting up your student network folder and Gmail account 
    • Bell Ringer Google Document - share with Mrs. Dowd at samhsdowd@gmail.com
    • Getting to Know You Survey:  
    Getting to Know You Activity
    Excel Spreadsheet for Weekly Salary - call the Spreadsheet "Payroll" and save to your student folder
    Insert formulas for the Spreadsheet and add your $1,000 signing bonus with Dowd Enterprises.
    Complete your first week's salary, entering the appropriate Gross Pay:
    "A" = 40 hours at $18.50
    "B" = 40 hours at $22.00
    "C" = 40 hours at $15.80
    "D" = 40 hours at $17.25

    Week #2: March 7 - March 11, 2016

    Wordle Project

    Grilled Cheese ~ Vigo ~ Kenyan Coffee ~ Enamel Brush ~ Duality ~ Mail Ray Stuff ~ Chunk Five ~ Tank Lite ~ 

    Do Not Use: Owned or JSL as they are too difficult to read.

    Microsoft Word 2011
    • Word BASICS
    • Table of Contents 

    Week #3: March 14 - March 18
    Microsoft Word & Office 365
    • Foreign Language Symbols
    • Top 10 Tech Tips Teens Need Now
    • Check Word 2010 in the PC Lab
    • Set up Office 365 account

     Week #4: March 21 - March 25
    Logos and Text – for Web Pages and Print Media
    Use the link for Logo & Text shown on the left side in the purple area of this web page.
    Keyboarding Practice #2

    Week #5: March 28 - April 1
    PPT Logo PowerPoint Basics - the basic items needed for a standard presentation for high school and beyond. Students need to be in class to experience this assignment. Otherwise, they need to come for assistance from 7:25 - 8:05 a.m. daily. Or...make arrangements for after school from 2:40 - 3:30 daily.  
    This is a great deal of work over a long period of time.
    Beginning work on PowerPoint... 
     Beginning PPT
    Payroll Week #6
    • How to determine Overtime Pay; Time-and-a-Half or Double-time: see Overtime Pay Presentation
      •   Enter this week's salary information
      • Salary Check for a Grade 
     PowerPoint at week's ending:
    Part way done  

    Week #6: April 4 - April 8
    PowerPoint Basics - continue with the PowerPoint basics slide.  This week is focusing on the following:
    Narration ~ Graphics ~ Photos & Clip Art ~ Extras ~ Rules ~ Good vs Bad Design
     Completed PowerPoint Basics
     Completed PowerPoint  

    CatchUp Day - anything PowerPoint 
    Check Register data begin

     Week #7 and #8: April 11 - April 22
    PPT Logo  
    Google Forms - survey or assessment
    PowerPoint Finish - Print Out PPTbasics - 9 slides per page
    You can plan events, make a survey or poll, give students a quiz, or collect other information in an easy, streamlined way with Google Forms. You can create a form from Google Drive or from an existing spreadsheet that can record the responses to your form.

    To poll, survey, quiz, or otherwise collect information using a form in Google Drive

    In the top left, click New, hover over More, and choose Google Forms.
    • Don't see New? You may be using an older version of Drive. Try clicking Create or Compose in the top left, then Form

    Each team will create a 10-Trivia Question Form which must include: 
    • Multiple Choice; Text (short answer); Paragraph ¶ Text (long answer); Checkboxes; Choose from List; Scale; a Yes/No or T/F (need to use MC); any three of YOUR choice; include an image in one of the questions
      •     No inappropriate questions or responses permitted; do not include question about students
    • Share the form with Mrs. Dowd at samhsdowd@gmail.com
    • Individuals will answer the team survey/quiz forms at a later time for review in the responses spreadsheet by the teams 
    Keynotes Intro & Completion  
    OlderKeynotes NewerKeynotes
    Online versus Full versions of Software
    • Office 365 Online...create a document; edit in full version of PowerPoint; modify, save as Office 365B; drag it back to Office 365 Online to show versatility
    • GoogleSlides to PowerPoint; modify in PowerPoint and drag back to Google Slides 
    • Upload Office 365B to Google Slides
    • Export KeynotesBASICs as a PowerPoint and upload to Google Slides - show all four for 20 points
    • Weekly Payroll and Check Register - quick-check grade for 25 points

    Week #9: April 25
    Prezi software - Web 2.0 Presentation Tool
    Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software and storytelling tool for presenting ideas on a virtual canvas.  The product employs a zooming user interface (ZUI), which allows users to zoom in and out of their presentation media, and allows users to display and navigate through information.
    Prezi YouTube Videos

    Prezi Tutorial: Simple steps to a great Prezi (3:40)

    Top Prezi Tips: Part 1 (3:38)

    Top Prezi Tips: Part 2 (3:03)
    Adding Background Music (1:20)
    Adding Voiceover (1:45)

     Take a look at...Good and Bad Presentations
    • Research Information Given - see the side bar pages 
    • Nearpod & other assessment tools
    • Excel Payroll & Check Register
      • Add the simple salary calculator in Excel 

    Week #10 - May 2 
    Teach Us About Life Skills 
    1. Research and Presentations determined
    2. Several days on researching the topic
    3. Storyboarding the presentation
    4. Beginning with the presentation software
    5. Designing an assessment 
    6. Presentations Begin - May 18th

    Week #15  - June 6, 2016

    Budget Pre-Assessment

    Budgeting Spreadsheet Simulation
    • The employee (a.k.a. YOU) are 27-years old
    • You are engaged but not married yet; no children
    • You may not live at home
    • You work for me and need a degree (that's why the college loan)
    • I pay you a living wage and you are self-supporting...no help from Mom and Dad
    • You need to have a reliable car to get to work daily
    • You need to determine if you want to rent or purchase a home
    • You need to be realistic about your wants vs. needs
    • We are trying to simulate a real-world situation taking a look into your future
    • Determine your yearly and monthly income based on your weekly salary
    • Take care of your Savings and Retirement before calculating any other part of your budget
    • You do not need to calculate everything on the spreadsheet for weekly information – only monthly and yearly
    • Where information is given to you, you need only determine the monthly and yearly costs…you don’t need to search for that information.  Simply divide or multiple as required.
    • Search for an apartment or a home in the area that you can afford with your budget
    • Search for a car (new or used) that you can afford and calculate the monthly and yearly costs
    • Determine your homeowners insurance, car insurance, Cable, Internet, Cell phone, Health Care, Dental Care, Vision, Co-pays by searching on the Internet, looking in the Yellow Pages, asking family, etc.
    • Use the online calculator found at my teacher webpage to determine the cost of your student loan (break it up into yearly and monthly costs once you’ve calculated)
    • Vacation club, Christmas club, miscellaneous expenses, entertainment expenses, and Pets are optional expenses.
    • You will be transferring this information to a Google Sheets document once we have completed the information
    • Budget Information Sheet

      For all information on your spreadsheet that is labeled with blue text, you will need to complete the research to determine your monthly and yearly costs.  You will need to make the judgment as to what you need and what you want. What are the most important budget items to you?  Do you want/need a vacation?  Where can you cut costs? What other alternatives do you have?
    Fill in Your FormClick here for the form
    Take the Post-Assessment Quiz: 
    Post Assessment Quiz

     Week #16 & Week #17 (6/9/16 - 6/21/16)
     Writing Sample #2 - Budgeting
    Banking Presentation
    Click for the PDF
    Vocabulary & Notes - click here for file
    Deposit Slips - click here for file
    Check Register #1 - click here for file
    Check Register #2 - click here for file
    Banking Continued
    Additional Checks - click for the file
    Longer Check Register - Click here for the file
    Reconciliation Worksheet - see Mrs. Dowd
    Bank Statement - Click here for the file

    Week #18 (6/21/16 - 6/28/16)
    Payroll Completed 
    Car Loan - students will be purchasing a new or used car and obtaining a Car Loan keeping the following information in mind:
    • Student has 20% down of the purchase price of the car
    • Trade-in value of their current car is $3,500 on a new car or $2,500 on a used car
    • Assume 3.49% loan interest unless you can procure a better rate from the dealer
    • The amount of your car loan payment cannot exceed $300/month 
    • The car loan will be for 5 years or 60 months
    • Car should be available in the state of Pennsylvania
    • You will need 3 photographs of the car: one exterior, one interior, one anything you wish to show
    • The car, truck, or van must be from 2009 - 2015 models - no motorcycles permitted

     Cost of Vehicle
     20% down payment ($23,000 * .20)
     Trade-in value of car trading
     Total Amount to Finance  
    Use the loan calculator at mlcalc.com to determine your monthly payment.
    carfax.com; truecar.com; cars.com; individual manufacturers; basic search

    Follow instructor's directions on creating the Google Document for your car.
    Google Document titled CarLoan
    • Heading - list type of car
    • Footer - your name and period information
    • Cost of car; down payment; trade-in value; interest rate; monthly payment; total cost of car with interest over 60 months; payoff date; yearly cost
    • New cars should give the entire specs
    • Used cars give the mileage and specs
    • Include three photos of the car - Interior; Exterior; engine, dashboard, fold-down seats, whatever
    • Limit your Flyer to a one-page document.  Follow the Design Principals learned earlier this semester.

    • Credit Card Debt
    • Career Assessments and Resume Writing
    Career Clusters 
    Career Exploration
    The Right Career
    Careers Explorer
    Career Resource