Update on Cyber Costs

    With the addition of 7 more students opting to enroll with "outside" cyber schools as of October 9, it will cost an additional projected amount of $104,944.78 to the Taxpayers.  This brings our Total Projected "Outside" Cyber School costs to $2,009,276.92.  Reach out to your local legislators to let them know it's time for cyber-charter funding reform.  These growing costs will force us to continue to raise taxes and cut programs and services for our own students in order to pay millions of dollars to cyber-charter schools.


    Attention All Shamokin Area Students and Families Attending “Outside” Cyber Schools:


    While it is true that the families of children who attend cyber-charter schools do not pay any tuition directly to the cyber-charter school, students attend cyber-charter schools at public expense. School districts are required by law to make a tuition payment to a cyber-charter school for every student residing in the school district who enrolls in the cyber-charter school.

    This includes students who enroll in a cyber-charter school and were previously home-schooled or attended a nonpublic school, even if the students were never enrolled in the school district.




    Reach out to your local legislators to let them know it’s time for cyber-charter funding reform.  We simply cannot keep up with these growing costs and be forced to raise taxes and cut programs and services for our own students in order to pay millions of dollars to cyber-charter schools.

    The Shamokin Area School District is offering Virtual/Online Pathways for its students who are seeking virtual learning options.  Our pathways provide flexibility to our students and families at a much lower cost.  Tier I Virtual Pathway is the live Google Classroom pathway where students have access to live instruction from Shamokin Area teachers.  Instruction can be viewed synchronously (live) or asynchronously (on your own time).  Tier II Virtual Pathway is the Odysseyware/Edgenuity Courseware pathway where students can engage in self-paced lessons and assessments from licensed online instructors.  For more information, click the links below:

    Our District currently spends more than two-million dollars (YES $2,000,000+) of taxpayer monies per year for “outside” cyber charter school tuitions in our budget.  Over the past ten years, the District has spent nearly twelve-million dollars (YES $12,000,000) in “outside” cyber charter tuitions.  By signing up for one of the above options, you will not only be receiving high quality virtual instruction, but also will be helping to provide a significant savings for the Shamokin Area School District taxpayers during these difficult economic times.

    Important information about the Shamokin Area Virtual/Online Pathways include:

    • Students who live in Shamokin Area School District and are enrolled in one of the Shamokin Area Virtual/Online Pathways can participate in Shamokin Area School District athletics, activities, and support services (if qualified).
    • Students who live in Shamokin Area School District and complete one of the Shamokin Area Virtual/Online Pathways will receive a Shamokin Area School District diploma and can participate in graduation ceremonies.
    • For more information, call the Shamokin Area Elementary Office at 570-648-5721 or the Shamokin Area Middle/High School Office at 570-648-5731.


    Chris J. Venna

    Superintendent of Schools


    Shamokin Area Cyber Charter Costs Presentation

    Financial Incentive for Returning Cyber School Students


    Attention all potential cyber school students: Check out this video by clicking the link to learn more about Shamokin Area's Virtual Learning platform. Come see what amazing incentives we have to offer to better enhance your educational experience!

     Shamokin Area Virtual School 

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    KEMP MEMORIAL STADIUM, COAL TOWNSHIP— The dedication of the Shamokin Area Bridy-Ruane Field has been rescheduled to take place during the 2021 football season.  The decision to reschedule was recently made due to COVID-19 and the fact that, as of this time, spectators are not permitted at school-related sporting activities.  Superintendent Chris Venna commented, “We feel that it is only appropriate to reschedule at this time.  There are too many uncertainties around sports and whether or not spectators will be permitted at events.  Out of respect to our fans and the Bridy and Ruane families and their service to our community, we feel it is the right thing to do.  We want to dedicate the field at a time when our entire community can be present to safely celebrate and enjoy this important community resource.”

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    Students in grades K-6th will have access to a device at school and will only need to fill out the Chromebook Loan Form if they do not have access to a device at home. In case of a sudden school closer, students who have filled out the Chromebook Loan Form will be permitted to take their device home.  

    Students in grades 7th-12th will need a charged laptop, tablet, or Chromebook for class daily.  If your student does not have access to an appropriate device, please fill out the Chromebook Loan Form and sign the Chromebook Loan Agreement in order to reserve a device. 

    **Chromebook Loan Form**

    Chromebook Loan Agreement Please sign and have ready when picking up your device. 

    For those without home internet: 

     Service Electric Cablevision (SECV) will again offer 90 days free Internet service to students and teachers who do not already subscribe to SECV Internet. Those persons who may have participated in the SECV spring Student offer and recently disconnected because the free offer period ended may once again participate in this fall offer.   For more information or to enroll in the eLearning offer, please have students or teachers call us at 877.955.7328. 


    *UPDATED Phased School Reopening Health and Safety Plan

    Instructional Time during COVID-19

    The Shamokin Area School District will follow the Department of Education’s Recommendations for Pre-K to 12 Schools Following an Identification of a Case(s) of COVID-19.  Currently, the recommendations provided in the link below complement the recommendations from DOH and PDE.  Currently, Northumberland County is in the Moderate category for level of transmission. Please find the recommendations by clicking here: Recommendations 

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    Shamokin Area School District is offering no-cost breakfast and lunch to students enrolled in the District in Grades K4 -12 attending our virtual programs. Grab -n-Go Meals will start Monday, August 24th. Pickup days are Monday and Wednesday weekly. Meals will be picked up Monday for Monday and Tuesday & Pick up Wednesday for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Pick up time will be 1pm to 1:30pm at the MS/HS side entrance to the weightroom, across from student parking lot

    Student name and ID number will be required for pick up. Daily meals will include a Breakfast and Lunch option. Breakfast- Whole Grain Breakfast item, Juice and Milk of your choice. Lunch- Entree, Fruit, Vegetable and Milk of your choice.

     Virtual Breakfast/Lunch Count must be placed by Friday, 1pm for the following week pick up.

    Here is the link to place your Breakfast/lunch count: Lunch Form

    Please complete 1 form for each student and submit each time. For example, if you have 3 students, please complete the form 3 times and submit after each one.

     No congregating at the location is permitted. Please maintain 6ft Social Distancing while waiting in line. Mask must be worn.

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