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Live Tutors for Students

For selected schools, LiveTutor provides tutoring services to students. Tutors provide extra support to applicable students in the four content areas and elementary curriculum in either individual or small-group LiveLesson sessions. 


Access to the LiveTutor Queues

To access LiveTutor in the Learning System, follow the directions below.  

  1. Log in to the Learning System. 

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  1. From the landing page, select the menu button  at the top left of the screen. Then select LiveLesson.  

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  1. When the LiveLesson page opens, select the appropriate room.  
      • Grades K-5 should select the LiveTutorElementary room.  
      • Grades 6-12 should select the subject-specific room: LiveTutorScience, LiveTutor Math, LiveTutor English/Language Arts, or LiveTutor Social Studies.  

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  1. The LiveLesson Queue displays. Enter your question for the tutor, also including the course name, as well as the unit and lesson numbers. Then select Next

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  1. Keep track of where you are in the queue. DO NOT LEAVE this page until it’s your turn with the tutor. If you leave the page, you will lose your place and need to re-enter the queue. 

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  1. The following message displays just before it's your turn to enter the LiveTutor room: 

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REMEMBER: Each session with the tutor can take up to 20 minutes. Please be patient and monitor your place in line so that you are ready when the tutor transfers you to the LiveLesson room. 

  1. Once you have been transferred, select Request Entry to be accepted into the room. 

On occasion, a student may appear to ‘drop’ from the queue and lose their spot in line. This typically occurs due to a weak internet connection. If you drop, try to log back in. If you continue to get dropped, call Student Technical Support at (800) 221-2720. 


Note: If your help request is outside the hours of operation, a message displays that no tutors are available at this time. When no tutors are available, cancel your request for a tutor and try again later.





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