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Parent/ Guardian Observer Account Overview

Parent/Observer Tool Breakdown

  • Parent Access to be a student observer:
    • Please do not confuse the Student VUE with being an observer for Pearson Connexus. Parent VUE is the application that Shamokin In person learning uses, Pearson Connexus is what Spear parents/ guardians use to monitor their child. The Pearson Connexus observer account will allow you to view all your child’s work and progress. Once your child's classes are set up, the turn around time is usually 1 week until you receive parent observer access. Once you are linked to your child’s account, you will be able to choose how you receive updates on your child. Via text message, Email and their frequency.
      • Person Connexus platform
        • Username= The email you used when signing up for your child.
        • Password= Spear with a capital “S” and then your oldest enrolled Spear child’s student ID number.
        • We will usually e-mail you this information letting you know it is ready and what your username and password is.