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Parent Pickup Procedures





Parents, you will need to complete a Permanent Parent Pick-up form outside the office. Once completed, your child will receive a parent pick-up pass to be placed in your vehicle on the passenger side of your dashboard so it is visible for our staff to read. A staff member will be outside to radio for your child(ren) to leave the building and enter vehicles. Please use a black permanent marker and on the pass PRINT BIG AND BOLD students’ full name legibly, using last name first. (i.e. SMITH, JOHN) You will no longer need to leave your vehicle for your children




1.      Place parent pick-up pass provided to you on passenger side of dashboard with last name facing out.  We issue the first pass for free.  Replacement passes are $1.00.  For security purposes, it is essential that all cars use our official parent pick-up pass.


2.      Vehicles are required to be lined up, single file around curbing against building starting at the bottom level.  A cone will be placed where line should begin.


3.      With proper flow, five to six vehicles will be processed at the curb and the students will be dismissed.  Once those vehicles leave, the next round will be parked to continue student dismissal.


4.     Your parent pick-up pass must be displayed.  If you do not have a parent pick-up pass, you will need to park in a visitor parking space at the upper level and come to the main office to acquire one.


Our parent pick-up procedures are designed to maintain a safe and orderly arrival and dismissal for you, our students and our staff.  The following guidelines provide a general awareness to all involved as well as provide information that will expedite the process.




  • Due to safety concerns and posed fire hazards, parents are not permitted to line up for pickup until 2:40pm.

·        Please adhere to the 15 MPH speed limit on school property.

·        Refrain from using cell phones while in the parent pick-up line.

·        Attend to your vehicle at all times. If you must leave your vehicle, please use a visitor parking space in the upper level parking lot.

·        Listen to school personnel for directions.

·        Always be on the lookout for others.