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School Visitors

Persons wishing to visit a school should make arrangements in advance with the school office in that building.

Upon arrival at the school, visitors must register at the office where they will:

1. Sign in and sign out.

2. Receive a visitor badge or pass.

3. Receive instructions

4. Be provided with a guide (if deemed necessary).

After the start of the school day, only one (1) entrance will be used by visitors to the school. All other entrances will be locked.

All staff members shall be responsible for requiring a visitor demonstrate that he or she has a visitor's pass and has registered at the school office and received authorization to be present for the purpose of conducting business.

No visitor may confer with a student in school without the approval of the principal.

Should an emergency require that a student be called to the school office to meet a visitor, the principal or designee shall be present during the meeting.

Failure to comply with these procedures shall result in limited access to the school as determined by the building principal, consistent with board policies, school rules and federal and state law regulations.

Military Personnel

Members of the active and retired Armed Forces, including the National Guard and Reserves, shall be permitted to:

1. Visit and meet with districe employees and students when such a visit is in compliance with Board policy and district procedures.

2. Wear official military uniforms while on district property.