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Dress Code FAQ'S

Is my child permitted to wear plaid or striped shirts as long as the shirt is in the approved colors and has a collar?

ANSWER: NO Shirts must be a solid color in one of the permitted colors.

Do shirts need to have a collar?

ANSWER: YES. Shirts must have a collar.

Are ruffles permitted on skirts?

ANSWER: YES. Skirts may have ruffles.

At the elementary levels, may gym clothes have logos?

ANSWER: NO. Clothing for gym should be a solid shirt with no logos, shorts or sweat pants with no logos, NO JEANS.

Are white tights permitted?

ANSWER: YES. White tights are permitted for wear under skirts, skorts and dresses. Tights may be in any of the approved colors, including white.

Are characters permitted on athletic shoes?

ANSWER: YES. Characters are permitted on athletic shoes.

What color(s) of shoe laces are permitted?

ANSWER: ANY shoe laces that came with the shoes when they were purchases are permitted for wear.

What shoes are permitted?

ANSWER: Most shoes are permitted. Flip flops are not permitted, shoe heels may not be higher than 3 inches and sandals must have straps across the back.