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School/Parent Compact




The School Parent Compact will describe school-parent compact will be jointly developed with parents and family members and the compact outlines how parents, the entire school staff, and students will share in the responsibility for improved student academic achievement and the means by which the school and the parents will build and develop partnerships to help children achieve the State’s high standards (ESSA, Section 1116(d)).




          As a representative of Shamokin Area Elementary School, I will try to provide high quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment that will enable success for every student and will carry out these responsibilities:


  1. Treat each child and their parents with respect.


  1. Provide a safe, positive and healthy learning environment for each student.


  1. Assure every child has access to quality learning experiences appropriate to their development.


  1. Notify parents of learning and behavior problems within a reasonable timeframe.


  1. Communicate expectations for performance to both students and parents.


  1. Acknowledge that parents are vital to the success of this school and its student.






          As a parent, I realize the importance of working cooperatively with the school.  I understand that my participation in my child’s education will help his/her achievement and attitude.  I join the school by trying to carry out the following responsibilities to the best of my ability.



  1. Teach my child dignity and respect.


  1. Create an atmosphere that supports learning by being a positive role model.


  1. Attend school functions and conferences.


  1. Encourage my child to demonstrate respect for school personnel, his/her classmates, and school property.


  1. Send my child to school regularly; on time, well fed, and well rested.


  1. Participate in decisions relating to the education of my child.


  1. Build a positive relationship with my child’s teacher and keep the lines of communication open between the school and my home.


  1. Discuss with my child any problems or frustrations he/she may be having with school.


  1. Volunteer in the school setting






          As a student, I realize that my education is important.  I know that I am responsible for my own success; therefore, I will try to carry out the following responsibilities to the best of my ability.


  1. Pay attention in school.


  1. Complete unfinished assignments in a reasonable time.


  1. Develop a positive attitude about school.


  1. Resolve conflicts that may give me a negative attitude.


  1. Be cooperative by carrying out the teacher’s instructions and ask for help when it is needed.


  1. Get to school on time every day.


  1. Be respectful to school personnel, all students, and school property.


  1. Share my talents with others.


  1. Complete daily work that is neat and reflects my best effort