Field Trip is scheduled for May 23rd

- If you owe payment, it is due May 17


Please keep checking the binders/planners for school updates!


Progress Reports are now viewable on the Parent Portal for 2nd grade.  They will no longer be sent home.


To view/print lunch menu:

Visit, click departments and select Food Services. This is where you now have the option to print the school lunch menu. 

Please continue to check your 2nd graders binder daily! Homework that needs to be completed will be in the homework folder. If you are unsure of what needs to be completed, please read and sign/initial the planner. Feel free to write any notes in the planner. You will get a prompt response that way.

Please read all papers that are sent home from the Elementary's office, PTA, or myself. Some papers will have to be returned.

Behavior calendar~please ask your 2nd grader why they are on the color they come home with. They know how and why they earn the colors in the classroom.

Enrichment Schedule:

Days 1 and 6  Gym

Days 2 and 7  Music

Days 3 and 8  Library

Days 4 and 9  Computer

Day 10  Art

*If there is a day off, the enrichment day continues the next day of school*


*Grading Scale*

Mastered 93%-100%

Developing 80%-92.9%

Basic 70%-79.9%

Below Basic- 69.9% and below