Alumni Exam

May 21st Alumni Exam

Doors will open at 8am.
Test will begin at 10am.
Winners will be announced on Awards night.

Alumni Exam Social Distancing Plan

  1. As students pull in the parking spaces, security officers will direct them where to park. They should be several spaces apart from each other. Officers will also ensure that students do not congregate/walk together once they exit their cars.

  2. 3 Additional security officers will be roughly 50 yards apart from each other to ensure this process as students walk to the building.

  3. As students enter the building 1 at a time, the doors will already be propped open for the students to enter. Once students enter the school, 1 security officer will give each student a mask and gloves

  4. Once students collect their gloves and masks, they will proceed down the A wing hall 1 student at a time and then directed to the testing classrooms by 2 other security officers

  5. Once students enter the classroom, computers will already be placed at the designated seats available to sit at as indicated with a colored paper on the desk. Proctors responsible for each specific classroom will handle this procedure.

  6. The First-floor middle school wing bathrooms only will be available for use during testing. Maintenance crew will ensure that proper sanitizing products are available. Soap, paper towels, and hand sanitizer. Signs in the bathroom will be present stating students must wash their hands for a minimum of 20 seconds. 1 security officer will be stationed outside the bathrooms. The two other security officers will walk the halls of the testing area classrooms to ensure social distancing. Only 1 student at a time can use their specific side of the bathroom. Security will then hand new gloves to the students upon their exit from the bathroom. Proctors can only send 1 student at a time from their specific classroom to the bathroom.

  7. Students are free to leave once they complete their tests and must exit the building individually the way they entered the building. The two security guards walking the halls will assist in escorting the students out of the building. Doors will be propped open. The same security guards will be stationed on the sidewalk and in the parking lot to ensure the same procedures for the students exit.

  8. Once testing is complete, the custodial crew will perform a deep cleaning to all the areas the students may have encountered. Classrooms, halls, bathrooms, computers, etc.