Virtual Graduation (June 11th)


This event will feature prerecorded speeches that will be broadcast at 4:30 pm over Shamokin Area TV on YouTube.  The link can be found on our district website.  Once the broadcast has concluded, students are to come with family and be valet parked in the student parking lot.  The Student Parking Lot will open at 5:45pm. Students and 4 guests may accompany them into the back of the gym to the auditorium to be presented with their diploma.  We will announce the first student at 6:00 pm.  Students will be announced in the order they enter the gym.  All social distancing protocols will be followed during this time.


Graduation Social Distancing Plan

  1. As students pull in the parking spaces, security officers will direct them where to park. They should be several spaces apart from each other. Officers will also ensure that students and families do not congregate/walk together once they exit their cars.
  2. Officers will notify students and family when they can exit their cars and begin walking to gymnasium.
  3. As students enter the back of the gymnasium, the doors will already be propped open for the students to enter. There will be a staff member to take your name, temperature (anyone with a temperature above 100 will not be allowed in the building), and tell you when to proceed towards the auditorium. 
  4. Everyone must wear a mask until they enter the auditorium.
  5. There will be markings on the floor 6 feet apart all the way from gym to auditorium.
  6. Family must stay with student the entire time until they reach the auditorium.
  7. Once families reach the auditorium, students will enter door marked graduates and families will enter door marked family.
  8. Move towards the stage following the markings on the floor.
  9. Students will have their name called and walk across the stage receiving their diploma.
  10. Once students receive their diploma, they will have their picture taken with family off the stage by our photographer. Shamokin Area TV will air this live over youtube (link will be on district website).
  11. Families will then exit the side of the auditorium.
  12. Students are to leave school grounds as soon as possible once receiving their diploma.
  13. Once graduation is complete, the custodial crew will perform a deep cleaning to all the areas the students may have encountered. Classrooms, halls, bathrooms, etc.


4:30 – Pre Recorded Speeches

(SATV via YouTube link is also on district webpage)

(Should only last approximately 30 mins)

(Will also be able to watch on TV’s located on campus)

5:45 – Student parking lot open for students and families only

5:45 – Security begins to send students and families into the building

6:00 – First name is announced

8:00 – End of Diploma Ceremony