• Mr. Keller
    Name: Stephen Keller                                                               
    Grade: 7th Grade - Middle School
    Phone: Extension 3242

    I have taught Social Studies at Shamokin for over 11 years.  My wife comes from Sweden and we have 2 kids.  I love to travel and have been to Europe, China and many States in the USA as well as Canada and Mexico.  I am a HUGE fan of the Seattle Seahawks as I grew up in Seattle, Washington.  My wife and I moved to Selinsgrove in 2002 when she became Professor of Economics in the Sigmund Weis School of Business.

    I teach American History I.  American History is an exciting topic to explore as we learn about important events, people and situations that shaped our country.   American History is an exciting subject to learn as we will explore the settlement, founding and early development of what would become our own nation.  We did not get here by accident, but rather through a series of extraordinary events, amazing people and situations (good and bad), which shaped the course of our nation’s existence.  This class aims to examine as many of these as possible, concluding with the Civil War and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.
    PLEASE NOTE:  Generally, I do not assign homework as all work is done in class under direct supervision.  Graded work is returned prior to each Chapter Test in a "packet" form to utilize, along with the Study Guide, as preparation for a test.  All graded assignments and scores are posted in Parent Portal.  Upcoming tests are posted in my calendar.  Please contact me directly at the email above if you have any questions.
    I hope you find my webpage a useful and productive resource as you and your loved ones examine American History. 
    Interesting Weblinks:
    http://www.visitseattle.org:  Explore the city of Seattle, the city that I call my hometown.
    http://www.visitsweden.com/sweden-us/:  Examine the beautiful country of Sweden, where my wife comes from.
    http://www.ushistory.org/us/:  Dive into our own amazing history with stories, links and primary source documents.
    http://americanhistory.si.edu:  Cruise through the Smithsonian American History Museum, one of my favorites in the world.