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     Welcome to Environmental Club!
    In Environmental Club, we do a variety of activities focused around being outdoors!  I have always loved being outside fishing, hunting, or just hiking around, and I am glad to have an opportunity to share that with students who share that passion.
    Some of the activities we did this past year were:
    -  Envirothon - A national competition where students learn and study about several environmental categories (aquatics, wildlife, forestry, etc.) and compete against other schools.  This is a county competition, but winners move on to the state and national level.
    -  Presentations from the Northumberland County Conservation District - Representatives from the Conservation District come in to teach on a variety of different topics and to do various activities with our club members.  (Soil sampling, stream studies, etc.)
    -  Field Trips - Outside of Envirothon, we do other field trips.  Our most recent was a trip to the Lescher farm near Klingerstown.  Club members learned about where their milk comes from and how dairy farms work.  We also did a macroinvertebrate water quality assessment on Schwaben Creek near Himmel's Church Pavilion.
    This was my first year advising Environmental Club and it was a blast!  And as I continue to make contacts, I will be able to plan more cool trips and activities.  So come on out, especially if you enjoy the outdoors!
    Here are some more pictures from our latest trip.