Mrs. Patricia Rhoads   Mrs. Patricia Rhoads
    English 10, Mass Media, and Mythology 9-12
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    Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!


    The keys to success in my English 10, Mass Media, and Mythology courses this year are to remember three important words and to put them into use every day and into everything you do. These words are: effort, quality and responsibility.

    ·        Make an effort to pay attention in class (no sleeping!). Make an effort to participate in discussion and class activities.  Make an effort to complete homework and other assignments. Make an effort to meet all deadlines.

    ·        Produce quality work. That means proofread, edit and revise all written assignments (homework, in-class work, essays and the research paper) and put extra time and creativity into everything you do.

    ·        Take responsibility for your actions, your behavior, your assignments and your grade. Let me repeat that YOU – not your parents, your guardians, your friends or your significant other – are responsible for YOU in every aspect of class!


    Course Overview:


     English 10 will focus on improving reading, writing and speaking skills through various writing opportunities, including essays and research paper; literature, including short stories, poems, a Shakespearean play and a novel; and speaking, including various mini-reports and discussion. This class also provides strategies and intensive lessons to prepare students for taking the Keystone Literature Exam.


    ***Assignments for this course will appear on the English 10 Assignments page and will be listed on the calendar in pink.


    Mass Media has a revised curriculum this year that will feature the publications of both print and online copies of a school newspaper. This course provides students with the foundation to become intelligent, responsible, and creative participants in media careers. Course topics include an introduction to mass communication theories through time and the impact on our lives today, the role of the media, and current trends in media design and production. Students will learn the process of gathering and interpreting information, writing news, feature, and sports articles, writing editorials, incorporating photos and artwork, working with publishing software, and the importance and responsibility of meeting deadlines. The course also will feature the significance and use of advertising and public relations. Students will develop skills in the areas of critical thinking, problem solving, readin, writing, speaking/debate, listening, goal setting, and vocabulary. All students will work to produce and publish a school newspaper, as well as a feature documentary.


    *** Assignments for this course will appear on the Mass Media Assignments page and will be listed on the calendar in purple.

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    Mythology is an exciting and informative elective. Semester one will focus on the famous deities, heroes and unique creatures of Greek and Roman mythologies. Students will read and discuss myths about creation, love and the heroic adventures made famous from this ancient and fascinating culture. Semester two focuses on mythologies from ancient cultures from around the world, including, but not limited to Norse, Celtic, Babylonian, Egyptian, Hittite, Hindu, Asian, African, Aztec, Mayan, etc.


    ***Assignments for this course will appear on the Mythology Assignments page and will be listed on the calendar in blue.