• Schools have the responsibility to ensure students, staff, and all members of an educational environment have minimal exposure to environmental hazards, physical dangers, and injuries that can be incurred from supervising students, sports, and school activities. It is the responsibility of Shamokin Area School District to educate our staff about the following topics:

    Violence prevention strategies
    Proper ergonomic precautions
    Proper providing of health services
    Provide adequate safety gear and equipment
    Development and revision of policies reflecting school safety

    A safe educational environment provides many good role models for students and has opportunities for them to learn and enhance communication skills, problem solving, and anger management. The physical environment is also designed to be reassuring to students and reduce chances for violence. We will provide adequate lighting and the presence of adults in school hallways, cafeterias and playgrounds to ensure that our environment is safe for them. It is important your child is appropriately attired for their safety at our school. Please encourage and ensure your child has appropriate footgear throughout the school year to avoid slips and falls on slippery surfaces such as sleet, snow, and ice. Our school district will continually face the challenge to provide an optimum safe environment for all students and we appreciate your contributions of continually providing guidance regarding the importance of safety to your child. Considering accidents can and do happen despite preventive measures, we encourage parents and guardians to contact the Building Principal's Office to obtain the Voluntary Student Accident Insurance Application.

    Shamokin Area School District Safety Committee