• Español 2                                          


    Mr. Guerrero-Kees                                      E-mail: oguerrerokees@indians.k12.pa.us


    Description: Spanish 2 is a second level class; this class is usually taken after Spanish 1 or its equivalent.  World languages are crucial in developing and preparing students to live in diverse societies and communities. Learning languages promotes the appreciation for other cultures, societies, ethnicities and worldviews.  Students learning Spanish will become proficient in listening, speaking, reading and writing. They will also develop an appreciation of the cultures, traditions, customs, art, history, geography and literature, among other themes, associated with learning the Spanish language.       



    Notebook or binder

    Loose-leaf paper in absence of notebook


    Writing tools (pencils, pens)

    Spanish dictionary (optional)


    Classroom expectations:


    As a teacher, you can expect me to:

    ·      Respect you and treat you fairly and impartially

    ·      Listen to you

    ·      Provide you with opportunities to learn, practice and assess your language skills

    ·      Speak Spanish the majority of the time, understanding that it needs to be comprehensible for you. 

    ·      Grade and return your work as soon as possible

    ·      Offer regular feedback to you and your parents/guardians about your progress in class

    ·      Create an environment in the classroom that fosters creative and fun learning, knowing that languages present tremendous challenges to new learners 


    As a student, I expect that you will:

    ·      Respect your peers, teachers and visitors in my classroom

    ·      Follow all rules and expectations for students in the 2016-17 student handbook, including dress policy and use of electronic devices such as cell phones

    ·      Arrive to class on time and be ready to work, with all your school materials and supplies that you need

    ·      Be prepared for class, particularly when you take quizzes or exams, Having said this, you are expected to truly prepare for all assessments

    ·      Participate in class activities, such as speaking with others or speaking in class (unless permission is provided to do otherwise)

    ·      Respect the property found in the classroom, such as books, magazines, dictionaries, or property belonging to your peers

    ·      Assertively seek help from me whenever needed. You must express this in person by speaking or writing to me.  Your parents/guardians can also request my assistance whenever needed



    Classroom Policies


    Behavior: Students are expected to follow behavior expectations as per the student handbook guidelines. Students will be approached when these expectations are not being met. More than three warnings will prompt a parent conference to address any issues resulting from inappropriate behavior.  School principal, Vice Principal and School Counselors will be notified.    


    Participation: Participation is a fundamental part of your learning a new language, therefore your consistent attendance to and participation in class is expected. Participation is included in your grade. 


    Unexcused absences: Any work, quizzes and exams missed during and unexcused absence will result in receiving a zero grade.


    Excused absences:  Work missed during an excused absence is work that can be made up.  You will have the same number of days you were absent to make up your work.  You will have to actively seek to make up this work, it is your responsibility.  


    Planned absences: If you are planning an absence, you are still responsible for your work. Ask for your work in advance.  If you are absent the day before an announced test, you will take the test with the rest of the class.   


    Make up Tests: In order to make up a test, you must contact me in person and make an appointment to take the test. A missed appointment will result in a grade of zero.



    ·      All assignments are due at the beginning of the period

    ·      Please write clearly and legibly on all assignments. Write your name, date, period and assignment name. If I can’t find a name, I will not give you a grade.

    ·      Be responsible for your work, quizzes, test, assignments and projects. Use your agenda to help yourself stay organized. Ask for help in this area if you need it 

    ·      Late work policy: No late work will be accepted


    Academic Honesty


    Dishonesty or cheating on any assignments or any other work will result in a grade of zero for any and all students involved.  Using translation programs found online in order to produce your work will result in a grade of zero. The same applies for students who copy other student’s work and those who allow others to copy their assignments.


    Grading Policy


    Marking period Grades are based on all homework, assignments, quizzes, tests, projects, and proficiency assessments (listening, speaking, reading and writing), and the final exam (10%). Grades are calculated on appoint system: the number of points earned by the student is calculated as a percentage of the total points possible.


    Class work and participation: Participation includes actively becoming involved with class activities, individual work or group/partner activity. This may include readings, dialogues, writings and listening activities. You must take in class as this counts toward your active participation.  Your notes will be graded each marking period so do not miss taking notes each class. Your notes will be your quizzes and tests reviews as well.


    Homework assignments: Learning a language requires constant and diligent work.  You need to practice and memorize daily, as it is nearly impossible to acquire a new language by not working diligently.  Expect daily homework from this class. 


    Quizzes: Expect to take a weekly quiz addressing the themes and topics learned during each week. This will get you ready for the test; test will be based on the quizzes we take.


    Tests: Each end of chapter in our book will be assessed with a test.  In order to prepare for the tests, use your own notes and your quizzes.  Also, whenever possible study along with your peers as it is useful to learn form others and to practice with others.


    Proficiency  assessments:  These assessments are assignments and projects that assess your progress in the four dimensions of foreign language learning (listening, speaking, writing and reading). A few of these assessments will be provided each chapter.  Some will take the form of homework assignments, quizzes, tests and participation in class, as well as one-on-one conversations with the teacher. 


    Spanish 2 Themes and Topics


    First half of the year: Review chapter, en avion, la rutina diaria, en tren, en el restaurant. Other themes may be added. 


    Second half of the year: What do you celebrate?, technological world, the city and the countryside, transportation. Additional themes may be added.