• Strength and Conditioning:

    This course is an elective that is part of our physcial education curriculum.  Students can take Strength and Conditioning to furter enhance their skills and knowledge of strength training.

    Students can start taking Strength and Conditioning classes in 9th grade and continue up into their senior year.

    The goal of this class is to give each student an understanding of how to train safe and effectively!

    Program Design: 8 Week Cycle

    Students begin the course by learning how to operate each piece of equipment.  We begin exercising on our Precor machine lifts until the students are ready to advance to free weight movements.

    Core Lifts:

    Bench Press


    Dead Lift (Hex Bar or Straight Bar depending on their skill level)

    Week 1:

    The fist week is a test week to see where each students strength abilities are in their 1 Rep Max. This will place them on a percentage chart for the program starting in week 2.  Each student will perform their 1 Rep Max for each core lift listed above.


    Week 2:

    This will begin the actual program phase and exercise routines for the next eight weeks. At the end of the eight week cycle students will then re-test on their 1 Rep Max.  Once they have tested in each core lift, they will be given new percentages based upon their results.

    Grading Procedure:

    Daily grading procedure is based upon studetns being appropriately dressed for class and actively engaging in the exercise routine for the day.

    Proper attire consist of athletic shorts to the knees, sneakers, and T-shirt with sleeves. 

    Participation is engaging in the activity for the full class period and registering results based upon the percentage chart started in Week 2