• Last Dollar Scholarship-due 5-15-24

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  • Beck Scholarship

    A scholarship will be granted to a graduating senior who has been accepted and made an enrollment deposit to an accredited and approved program at any of these types of schools:

    • Baccalaureate degree college or university
    • Business school, community college, or junior college
    • Trade or technical institute, including beauty academies
    • Hospital-based allied health programs
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  • Casual Friday Scholarship- April 19th

    Please select one of the prompts and write an essay.  Deadline is April 19th

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  • Class of 85-Oak Grove- Due April 19th


    • Recipient must be accepted into an accredited postsecondary education program for the summer or fall 2024 term
    • Recipient must show proof of paid enrollment deposit to that postsecondary school
    • Recipient must show evidence of sustained and diligent work toward earning average grades in both required and elective classes at Shamokin Area, with a cumulative GPA between 78% and 86%
    • Recipient must be from the middle level of economic classes, based upon family standing with respect to income
    • Recipient has demonstrated some service to the school and/or community, through volunteer work, part-time employment, extracurricular activities, and/or athletics
    • Recipient must state his/her life goals
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  • Dobson Scholarship- Due April 19th

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  • Hillside Coach Scholarship- Due April 19th


    • Be a senior member of the Varsity football team and/or cheerleader.
    • Students are required to complete an essay on their high school experience and how it influenced them as well as their future goals and plans. The essay should be a minimum of 500 words and typed. 
    • Students should also submit their grade point average at the end of their junior year and verified by a guidance counselor.
    • Submit a list of all school and community involvements.(clubs, activities, church organizations, etc.)  
    • Be accepted into an accredited college or university. The student must provide proof of acceptance.
    • Provide clear photocopies of your original letter of admission and either a receipt of payment or your canceled check or money order that was used to make your enrollment deposit.
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  • Matthew J. Sandri Award-April 19th

    For students attending Bloomsburg University!

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  • Scheetz- Due APRIL 19th

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