• By-Laws of Shamokin Area High School Alumni Association

    Article I. Name

    This association shall be known as Shamokin Area High School Alumni Association.

    Article II. Object

    This association is organized exclusively for Charitable and Educational purposes, to create a fun or funds from Contributions and dues collected from its members, and to use such funds to promote and further the education of students and graduates of Shamokin Area High School.

    Article III. Membership

    Section 1. The membership of this association shall be composed of those who are graduates of Shamokin High School, Shamokin Area Joint High School, and Shamokin Area High School.  Any member of the graduating classes of the former Coal Township High School wishing to become a member of the Shamokin Area High School Alumni Association will be permitted to become an active member after making such request in writing.

    Section 2. The members of each year's graduating class shall be received into membership in this association at the annual meeting of the association.

    Section 3. Any person interested in the progress of education may become an honorary member of this association by being proposed as such by five active members after receiving the favorable vote of at least two-thirds of all the members present at an annual meeting, but such honorary members shall not have the right to vote upon any question.

    Section 4. Any person whose high school studies are interrupted by military services but who, after the performance of such service, and after taking the tests required by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, is certified by the Department as having completed a high school education, shall be considered an alumnus of Shamokin Area High School, and as such, a member of this association, notwithstanding the fact that no diploma is issued to him.

    Article IV. Meetings

    Section 1. The annual meeting of this associating shall be held on a convenient day either preceding or following the commencement exercises of Shamokin Area High School as the executive committee may determine from year to year.

    Section 2. Special meetings may be called at any time by the President or upon written request of any fifteen members.

    Article V. Dues and Fees

    Section 1. The annual dues of members of this association shall be fixed from time by the executive committee, but until changed by the committee shall be the sum of fifty cents (50).

    Section 2. The executive committee shall fix the fee to be charged for any banquet to be served at the annual meeting, which fee shall include the annual dues and shall be large enough to pay the cost of the meal and the anticipated expenses of the meeting.

    Section 3. Members of the associating may bring to any meeting their husbands or wives as their guests, even though not members of the associating, and any other person may be specially invited with the approval of the President of the association, but all guests shall pay the same fee as is charged active members.

    Section 4. Honorary members shall be exempt from all dues.

    Article VI. Officers and Directors

    Section 1. The Board of Directors of this association shall consist of the members of the executive committee which committee shall be the governing body, and the officers of this association shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, and Registrar.

    Section 2. The President shall preside at the meeting of the executive committee and of all meetings of the association, annual or special; shall appoint all members of committees, except as otherwise provided in these By-Laws; shall have the power to remove members of committees at his pleasure and appoint members to fill said vacancies; and shall perform such other duties as ordinary pertain to this office. He shall be elected for a term of one year to serve until the next annual meeting of the association.

    Section 3. The Vice-President shall perform the duties of the President in his absence or incapacity. He shall be elected at each annual meeting.

    Section 4. The Secretary shall keep the Minutes of all meetings of the association and of the executive committee, shall call meetings of the association and of the executive committee at the direction of the President, and shall be elected biannually.

    Section 5. The Treasurer shall receive all monies due the Association, shall pay the same upon motion or standing order approved by the Executive Committee or by the Association at its annual meeting, shall render an annual written report of monies received and distributed, and shall submit his/her accounts to an audit prior to each annual meeting. He/she shall be bonded in such amount as the Executive Committee may require and shall be elected biannually and shall receive for said services such remuneration as the Executive Committee shall determine. He/she shall remit to the treasurer of the Shamokin Area High School Alumni Education Fund any fund in his/her possession which are known to be contribution to the alumni scholarship or revolving loan programs.

    Section 6. The Historian shall prepare a record of the events pertaining to the association and shall be elected annually.

    Section 7. The Registrar shall keep an accurate re record of the members of the association, together with their addresses; shall note from time to time such changes in names and addresses as may take place; shall supervise each year the addressing of the mailing list for the notice of the annual meeting and shall receive for said services such remuneration as the executive committee may determine. He shall be elected for a term of four years.

    Section 8. The association or the executive committee may create other offices as may be deemed necessary to serve the best interests of the association in the conduct of its affairs.

    Section 9. Vacancies occurring between annual meetings in any elective office shall be filled by appointment of the President and the person so appointed shall serve until the next meeting of the association, when the vacancy shall be filled for the un-expired term, if any.

    Article VII. Committee

    Section 1. Executive Committee.

    (a) The executive committee shall consist of all past Presidents and past Vice Presidents and no more than two members of each class having living members. It shall be a continuing committee with its members to serve at the pleasure of the President. It shall be the governing body of the association between annual meetings. It shall make arrangements and supervise the program for the annual meetings of the association. In addition, the officers of the association shall be ex-officio members of the executive committee and entitled to vote at all meetings of the same. The executive committee shall meet at the call of the President.

    (b) The executive committee, prior to ten days immediately prior to the annual meetings, shall elect all officers for the term next ensuing. The election shall take place at a meeting especially called for that purpose. Notices of said meeting shall specifically state the object of the meeting to be the election of officers and shall be mailed to each member of the committee not les than two days before the date of the meetings. A majority vote of the members present shall be necessary for the election of such officers and said election shall be ratified by the annual meeting of the association.

    (c) The executive committee shall designate a Shamokin bank or banks to each as depository or depositories for all funds of the association. Said depository or depositories shall render an annual account to the committee.

    Section 2. Miscellaneous Committees. The President shall appoint any other committee which he deems necessary and proper to or for the management of the association.

    Article VIII. Scholarship Program

    Section 1. The scholarship and revolving loan programs of this Association shall be administered by the Board of Trustees of the Shamokin Area High School Alumni Educational Fund.

    Section 2. Membership of said Board of Trustees shall be of such number and for such term as the By-laws of the Educational Fund shall designate, provided that the members of the Board be elected by the members of this Association at the joint annual meeting of the Association and the Educational Fund.

    Section 3. The Board of Trustees of the Educational Fund shall have all powers, duties, and responsibilities previously conferred upon the Scholarship Committee of the Alumni Association but nothing contained in this Article shall require said Board to continue the revolving loan program, if, in the opinion if said Board, such program is no longer necessary.

    Section 4. The Treasurer of the Educational Fund shall submit to the Alumni Association an annual report of the monies received and expended by the fund.

    Article IX. Amendments

    These By-Laws may be amended by the executive committee at any meeting thereof providing that at least seven days' notice of any meeting at which it shall be proposed to amend these By-Laws shall be given in writing to all the members of the committee.