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    Do you have a SAHS class reunion and would like to post it on our Webpage? If yes, send a note to jclutcher@hotmail.com. Include when, where and who to contact for more information. Include your address, telephone and email address (if appropriate).

    1978 (example from the summer of 1998)
    When: August 29th, 1998 (Saturday)
    Where: Days Inn - Danville
    Who To Contact:
    Jeff Clutcher
    5 S. Harding Ave.
    Shamokin, PA 17872-7516
    (570) 648-5282

    Alumni Band - Friday September 22nd, 2017

    For further info and signup, please review or join the following Facebook group:
    "Shamokin Alumni Band Sept 22 event"

    (from Maxine Howerter-Harvey '83)
    Hi fellow band alumni ... we are on for the homecoming event on Sept 22. We will play pre game, the Alma mater and the National Anthem with the High School band students. We have also been asked to join the students in the stands again. If you played last year please wear your alumni shirt if you purchased one... if not a purple Indian shirt or plain purple shirt you can wear with pants/jeans. Rehearsal will be on Sept 19 at the high school from 6-8pm. Band front time for your rehearsal will be announced when I'm given the info. The entire band for sure will meet at the band room/ auditorium on the 22 at 5pm. Hope to get more members than we had last year!!! Keep checking in as more info will be announced!!


    *** Contact John Clutcher - see above - jclutcher@hotmail.com ***