Shamokin Area Elementary PTA News:


    The SAES PTA raises funds throughout the year to help provide educational programs for our students. Some of these programs include field trips, Reading is FUNdamental (RIF) books, Ag Lab, Field Day, Carnival, holiday gifts and much more. During our meetings, we discuss and plan upcoming activities and fundraisers.

    Unfortunately, this year we have had very few people attend our meetings. We have over 240 members and we usually have less than 5 people attend meetings. This makes it very difficult to collect ideas from members and get information out concerning PTA events.

    This year we have an extremely low balance in our bank account. This is because of the lack of students participating in fundraising. We have over 1100 students, and in a recent report that was provided to our school board, only 21% of students raised enough money to cover the cost of their field trip and over 700 students that did not sell anything.

    For the fourth year we are again asking students who did not meet the required amount of fundraising to give the amount of the trip plus the cost of transportation. Some parents asked to just pay for the trip from the beginning and this would be the entire amount as well. The fundraising committee is working on and will be sending home charge slips for students to let them know how much they owe. In addition, there will be a place to offer an additional donation to help cover the cost of the end of year activities. Charging only the amount of the trip will not allow PTA to fund Field Day, Carnival, and Kindergarten Graduation.

    Above all, we value participation! Every contribution is valued, no matter the size. Not only do those smaller contributions add up to something big, but when the PTA applies for grants from foundations and government entities, the first thing they ask is, “Do you have the financial support of your own parent body?” If we can show them that our participation rate is close to 100%, our application is taken very seriously. If our participation rate is at 21% of the parent body, external groups will say, “Why should we support you when your own families don’t support you?” So please, whether you can contribute $5 or $500, every contribution matters tremendously.

    Without adequate funding to cover the cost of fees, students attending our schools have access to fewer extracurricular activities. Due to the lack of participation in fundraising, our trips and activities may have to be cancelled.

    Our current PTA officers would like to see Shamokin Area Elementary PTA as a thriving team that works together, is inclusive to all families, and fights for the good of the school, the children, and the school community. Without your participation and help, we cannot make this happen.


    Please join us at our next meeting on Thursday May 2, 2019. We meet in the Elementary Cafeteria at 6:30 pm. Memberships are available at every meeting. It is never too late to join!!! If you have any questions or concerns they can be addressed here. Our financial report will also be available for viewing at this meeting.

    Christine Geiswite (PTA President)

    Lori Agosta (PTA Vice President)

    Tanya Lilley (PTA Treasurer)

    Tracy Richardson (PTA Secretary)

    Amanda Krieger (Membership)

    Rondi Donmoyer ( Fundraising Chair)