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    Attention Elementary/Intermediate School Parents:


    Open Ended Climate Survey
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    Shamokin Area Elementary School


    The Shamokin Area Elementary Virtual Learning Pathway!

    Dear Shamokin Area Elementary Virtual Families (Live Google Classroom/Odysseyware/Courseware),

    You may access our virtual learning pathway at .  On this website you will find useful information in accessing your child's specific learning pathway.  It is as simple as 1,2,3!   Thank you for your continued patience during such unprecidented times!  We look forward to working with your children in both our on-site and virtual classrooms.  


    Mr. Keefer









    Welcome to Shamokin Area Elementary & Intermediate School, our building houses Kindergarten through 6th Grade students along with over 75 teaching professionals, a school nurse, and a school counselor.  Our goal for our primary students is to foster a love of learning in a safe and caring environment.  We seek to nurture each child’s full potential and development.  Our team works collaboratively with parents to meet the academic needs of each student.

    The Reading program that has been fully implemented as of the 2016-2017 school year is Wonders Reading by McGraw-Hill Education.  This framework links our students to the core standards, inspiring literature, and makes a connection from the classroom to the outside world.  Literacy begins with a strong foundation.  Wonders provides the daily explicit and systematic instruction needed to:

    • Develop essential phonics and phonological skills
    • Increase phonemic awareness
    • Build confidence with high-frequency words

    The Math program that has been updated as of the 2017-2018 school year is Everyday Math by McGraw-Hill Education.  This framework is a spiral curriculum that helps to ensure students master key concepts by continually revisiting content in a variety of contexts over time.  Key components of Everyday Math include:

    • Research-based
    • Research-proven
    • Engineered for Common Core
    • Balanced rigor
    • Deepens conceptual understanding
    • Allows students to think creatively about math problems
    • Brings math concepts to life
    • Provides opportunities to apply math knowledge every day
    • Prepares students for success on Common Core assessments

    New Incoming Kindergarten Parents:

                Reading Readiness is key to your child’s education.  The following are important and necessary skills that will prepare your child for reading:

    • Letter identification (uppercase and lowercase)
    • Letter sound identification
    • Blending sounds to read simple words
    • Concepts about print (left to right; top to bottom)

    *Reading to your child every day for 15 minutes develops a love of reading!!