• Blue Teachers...Parents Communicator Binder
    Inside of your child's binder, you will find his/her planner, and blue folder. Any important paperwork and all homework will be found inside of the folder. Your child is responsible for placing paperwork on the correct side of the folder (Keep at Home or Sign and Return) and handing in their paperwork and homework each morning.
    Planners MUST be signed nightly. 
    Behavior: TRIBE
    Homework is a crucial part of your child's education. Students will have nightly homework. All students are expected to complete their homework assignments at home. Please ensure that your child is completing his/her work.
    Contact Information
     1. If you have a question or concern, please feel free to write a note in your child's planner. I sign their planners at the end of each day and I will see your note then. 
    2. Email (mjames@indians.k12.pa.us) is another great way to communicate with me.  I try to check my email as much as possible, but sometimes I don't get to it until the students are gone at the end of the day.