• English Language Arts: Wonders Reading Series 
    The Wonders reading series is designed to meet the needs of all learners. It includes a variety of resources for teachers and students to use throughout the year. The units are presented in order, ensuring that students are exposed to different genres and types of text. This program will be introduced to our district this school year. Teachers will be able to work with your children individually, or in small groups. This program will enhance the reading and writing skills of our students. 


    The Everyday Math curriculum emphasizes real world problem solving at each grade level. Your child will be working in class daily and at home on multiple skills that are critical for them to learn in 2nd grade. The skills that students will learn will show up again and again throughout the units and will provide for review of content. They will be assessed on these skills and this will allow their teachers to see where students are succeeding and where the areas of need/support are.