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5th Grade Curriculum Overview


Everyday Math: This series contains the Math Message, Math Boxes, and Study Links (or homework). Homework assignments count as a participation grade. Homework directions are reviewed, and students are given time to begin their assignment in school. There is a family letter at the beginning of each unit that reviews the concepts that the students will learn. It also contains the answers to the Study Link pages. The students will go to Mr. Zimmerman classroom for this instruction.

PSSA Math: This class will be data driven based on the results of data collected from PSSA Math Assessments, Classroom Diagnostic Tools Assessments, and teacher recommendations. Students will complete a variety of activities to prepare them for the state assessment given in April. Students will go to Mrs. Losiewicz's classroom for this instruction.

Reading: This year we will be using several resources: StoryWorks, novel (Walk Two Moons), our Wonders Series , and iReady. Students will go to Mrs. Wolfgang's classroom for this instruction

 English: Language arts lessons are completed daily. The students take notes and practice their skills during class. They complete homework daily. The students complete a cumulative review on the fifth day that is used as a test grade. The students will go to Mrs. Long's classroom for this instruction.


Spelling: The spelling words can be found on Google Classroom or a worksheet that is sent home on day 1 of the cycle. Students’ spelling class assignment/homework will be given daily. Students will be tested on the spelling words on day 5 of the cycle (usually on a Friday). Students also complete spelling practice book pages and participate in review games during class time. Students will stay with me for this instruction.


Science (Macmillan McGraw Hill): Students read and discuss lessons and fill in a provided study guide. The lesson outline and vocabulary quiz are taken as a grade. Students are permitted to use their books to complete these assignments. Students will also complete activities in "Too Good For Drugs" and "Too Good For Violence". Health: We have a Health Series that uses pamphlets. We review the pamphlets and complete the activities that go along with them during school. Students will stay with me for this instruction.

Social Studies (Harcourt Horizon Series): Students read orally, discuss questions, review vocabulary, and complete Activity book pages. Notes and books are often used during testing.  Students will go to Mrs. Erdman's classroom for this instruction.

S.T.E.M.: Students will complete lessons in math and science to prepare and complete hands-on activities. Students will go to Mrs. Boughner's classroom for this instruction.


 ***Homework assignments count towards students’ grades. Assignments are expected to be completed and turned in on time.***