Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Sarah Boughner

  1. Curriculum
    1. Everyday Math -Updated Version has just a few minor changes to align to the common core.
      1. Math message, lessons, math boxes, and study links (homework)
      2. Daily homework counts as a test grade – not whether it is correct, just is it finished or not – will be checked everyday – If your child is struggling with their homework, the Family Letter may be helpful, as it provides some answers.

***Students are given time to start their homework before they leave math class to be sure that they don’t have any questions about what is expected to be done for the next day. During this time, it is possible that they may be able to finish their homework, but they still MUST bring it home for a parent to review***

  • Students are welcome to bring home student reference book every night, especially if they are having difficulty with a concept.


  1. Reading

Includes: Reading/Writing Workshop, Literature Anthology, Close Reading Companion, Leveled Readers, Trade Books, Practice Books, Daily Vocabulary Practice, Small Group Activity Workstations, Digital Resources, Weekly Assessments, Unit Assessments and Benchmark Assessments.

  1. Students will stay with their homeroom class for reading, language, and spelling.
  • Chapter Books will be used in conjunction with various poems, articles, etc. Each student will have a binder that contains all reading materials.
  1. Students will be using STORYWORKS Magazine to supplement the curriculum. It includes small stories and nonfiction articles to strengthen focus skills. It also incorporates grammar & writing practice.
  2. They will be graded using rubrics for presentations, vocabulary quiz grades, skills quizzes, comprehension tests and StoryWorks quizzes.


  1. Read Naturally
    1. A program designed to increase fluency and comprehension
    2. Students make predictions, complete a “cold read,” listen to story on tape, review key vocabulary words, practice the story and then read to the teacher for a ‘Hot Read” – goal is to increase speed by 30 words per minute without making errors.
  • A “Hot Read” will show the improvement and students gradually gain confidence in reading because they see their improvement. Each student will do this about once a week during their morning work groups


  1. Accelerated Reader ***New to Fifth Graders***
    1. Students will be independently reading chapter books of their choice, on their level that are assigned a point value. When finished students will take a test online to determine their comprehension of the book. Based on their score, they will have earned a certain number of points. Students must attain 6 points in the first marking period. 9 points for the second and 12 points for both the 3rd and 4th marking periods.
    2. Students will be given a reading grade based on the total number of points they earn. i.e. if they reach their goal of 6 or more points, they will get a score of 100% toward their reading grade for the marking period.
  • Students should check BEFORE they start reading to be sure that it is an AR book. Students may NOT take quizzes at home.



  1. Language
    1. Will be using McGraw Hill Language that is tied into the New Reading Series – there will be a Daily Language Activity, a Grammar Handbook, and Reading/Writing Workshop Workbook. I will introduce the skill, do the guided practice together, students will then strengthen the new concept with Independent Practice, which is then reviewed orally.
    2. We will be supplementing with Common Core Language Daily Practice
  • Students will have Language homework regularly.


  1. Spelling
    1. Also tied into the new Reading Series by McGraw Hill
    2. Words are in Spelling Practice Book
  • Practice book pages are done daily (sometimes as homework)
  1. Pre/Post tests are completed using – all lists can be found online
  2. Students will have regular spelling homework


  1. Science Macmillan McGraw Hill series
    1. Read and discuss lessons together as a class, students fill in a study guide (outline) – interpreting illustrations and vocabulary practice will be done in small groups
    2. Cloze test will be taken as a grade (students have the test in their packet to study, but not write on)


  1. Social Studies – Harcourt Horizons Series
    1. Read orally and discuss lessons
    2. Review vocabulary
  • Activity Workbook pages are done in class during morning work groups
  1. Students may use notes and book for tests


  1. Health Series – monthly pamphlet with activities – done in class


  1. Remediation – six days out of the 10 day cycle (Days 1,3,5,6,8,&10)

           During this time 2:15 – 2:45, they will focus on specific reading or

           math skill. The time for this is subject to change