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Wonders Reading Program

  •  I will attach the Unit/Weekly outlines just in case your 2nd grader misplaces their copy.  After introducing the weekly outline, your 2nd grader will keep their copy in one of the protected sheets placed in their Daily Binder.  If your 2nd grader misplaces, or forgets their homework at school (i.e. 3 times each), please use the outline to complete.

    The outlines consists of their spelling words for the week, vocabulary words and defitions, high frequency words, as well as all the skills we will be implementing that week. Please practice spelling words, high frequency words, and vocabulary words with their definitions at home as students will be tested on those words at the end of our reading week. Below are some helpful strategies!

    Spelling words: Students should be able to spell words by the end of the reading week. Please practice with your 2nd grader by having them write the words. There is also extra spelling practice in their binder: Spelling Tic Tac Toe.  This does not have to be returned to school.

    Vocabulary words: Students should know the definition of each word by the end of the reading week.  Have your 2nd grader practice by putting these words in sentences. We practice them every day.

    High frequency words: Students should be able to read these words by the end of the reading week, as well as spell.  Have your 2nd grader practice reading these words to you. I will test the students on these words the same day as their spelling test.


    Here is the link to the Wonders Reading website where your 2nd grader can log in and access books, games, and to-dos! Log in information is attached to the back of the planners!

    Wonders Reading