Math journal

Everyday Mathematics 2nd Grade

  • Our goal this year in 2nd grade is to master our math facts! We will be practicing daily.  This would be a great skill to work on at home. As soon as your 2nd grader masters addtion, they will move onto subtraction! 

    When students are tested on their facts, they need to tell me just the answer within 3 seconds.  When they are ready for new facts to be added in, they are still tested on some of the facts previously learned.

    A family letter will be sent home at the beginning of each unit to address the skills we will be learning in class. The family letter will also include homework help and additional activities you can do at home to practice and reinforce the concepts taught.

    We are currently working on Unit 1 in Math. Throughout this Unit we will be exploring several concepts including:

     Home links are the homework for this math series


    *Here is a link to Everyday Mathematics Resource and Information Center. This website includes the home links divided by each unit (if your child were to forget their homework in school), family letters, games, and extra practice for students.*

    Everyday Math Resources & Information


    Strategies (for home):

    • Practice math facts at home - students should be able to answer within 3 seconds. I have found flash cards at the Dollar Tree, Wal-Mart, and Target so far!
    • Practice time on an analog clock - students are working on mastering to the nearest 5 minutes
    • Practice counting mixed money amounts - students should be able to sort highest to smallest amount and count the total